Stories of mutual masturbation

stories of mutual masturbation
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Fun at camp I'm not gay, but once at a scout camp me and my friend were jerking off and I really loved it. I take my cock out from the leg of the shorts and then slowly stroke my cock while watching the movie. Just watch porn and let them jack you off to climax. After we each go to bed at night we both start jacking off. Some married guys say they want to compare dicks with me or see what it is like to suck a guy's cock.

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Lilith. Age: 26.
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After we each go to bed at night we both start jacking off.

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Joy. Age: 32.
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We've stopped collecting user submissions. There are times when we can all step out of our stalls and jerk off as a group with someone watching the entrance to see if someone is coming. It's awesome, and we're still good friends, but we just happen to help each other out now and then, haha. Menage a trois If you're gay like me it would feel real good to be fucked in the ass by a man while masturbating and at the same time giving head to a buddy!!

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