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high school cheerleader upskirts
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Of course I say most because there is a reason why this topic is even being debated in the first place. People that don't care, shouldn't matter, and people that do care, should always matter. It's not like the uniform is bringing private parts to the immediate attention of people around them. Since the dress codes protect the learning environment, Cheer uniforms should protect that environment too. I know my high school was the standard just above the knee uniform.

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Saylor. Age: 29.
high school cheerleader upskirts

It's not fair that non cheerleading female students have to follow certain guidelines and the girls representing the schools teams don't?

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Liberty. Age: 32.
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To they have to show their butt to have school spirit? Like if people argue against a sexualized community and girls go around wearing this, then argue against the sexualized community, that is down right hypocrisy. Sick, Twisted teachers have really stepped it up in recent years by having sex with students, And it's not just the male teachers. That is an opinion imposed by a small subset of spectators.

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