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The bull enters the arena with a rosette on its back bearing the colours of the estate of its origin. This also invalidates bulls who have been run in their estate by illegal fighters maletillas , who in earlier times would sneak into an estate by night to practice their skills. After years of increased pressure against bullfighting by abolitionist movements within Spain, the death of a bullfighter Victor Barrio in July led to hundreds of comments being posted on various social media expressing joy towards the event and openly mocking his family and widow. Galician and Basque nationalism have also expressed abolitionist stances, although in the case of the latter this has been somewhat mooted by the conundrum of bullfighting being at the heart of the San Fermin festival in Pamplona. These further weaken the enormous ridges of neck and shoulder muscle which set fighting bulls apart from ordinary cattle through loss of blood, while also frequently spurring the bull into making more ferocious charges.

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As the picador stabs the top of the bull with the lance, the bull charges and attempts to lift the picador's horse with its neck muscles.

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At this moment, the danger to the matador is the greatest. The straightforward supporters question the actual pain the bull may be in, considering the factor of adrenaline, and especially consider how the death of cattle tends to be, and repeat the less than 30 seconds death the animal suffers in the end. Some experts, like Alejandro Recio, considers that the Neolithic city of Konya, in Turkey, discovered by in James Mellaart in , offers evidence of sacrificial tauromaquia associated with sacred rituals.

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