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This was a very sexy story!! Zoe breaks her lip lock on Alix to work her her way downward towards her breasts Peering ahead between the thick tufts of growth, she can see a small expanse of flat dark sand. Zoe, the rope in her left hand, is straining to hold her up. Baked under a tropical sun, the slimy sand is tepid like bathwater, and she feels it sucking gently on her feet as she makes her way through the tall grass. With a choking cry, she slips under the surface

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Alessandra. Age: 27.
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By some miracle, they had found Alix's string purse with her clothing, floating close to the edge of the quicksand, and were able to fish it out.

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June. Age: 21.
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Being froze out would be worse than Alix is on the verge of letting go of her last breath when she feels something plunging beside her A moment's hesitation, then she strips off her bikini bottoms, adding them to the cargo. Maybe she preferred boys over all, even though she never dated.

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