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The atrocities began in the spring of with the methodical killing of as many young, able-bodied Armenian men as possible. Flocks of vultures followed them in the air, and ravenous dogs, fighting one another for the bodies of the dead, constantly pursued them. The roads over which they travelled were little more than donkey paths; and what had started a few hours before as an orderly procession soon became a dishevelled and scrambling mob. They would take women engaged in their domestic tasks without giving them the chance to change their clothes. Finally the gendarmes, having robbed and beaten and violated and killed their charges for thirteen days, abandoned them altogether. In , Armenia became the first state to proclaim Christianity its official religion. The whole course of the journey became a perpetual struggle with the Moslem inhabitants.

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They followed their charges with fixed bayonets, prodding any one who showed any tendency to slacken the pace.

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One by one the few men who accompanied the convoy were killed. The old people soon lost contact with their families and became exhausted and footsore. If the exiles had started with any money or food, their assailants would appropriate it, thus leaving them a hopeless prey to starvation.

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