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Furthermore, Shego has shown some level of concern for animals as she felt what happened to the fish in the Great Lakes after they were drained was important and she had once lectured Drakken on taking care of his dog, Commodore Puddles. Shego is voiced by Nicole Sullivan in all four seasons, who is famous for voicing the otter, Marlene, in the Nickelodeon cartoon The Penguins of Madagascar. According to Hego however, the more they fought villainy, the more Shego began to like evil implying that that was her reason for leaving the team. Shego's plan to annoy Drakken by bringing Lucre aboard backfired somewhat, as Drakken decided to make Lucre his apprentice, although they still bickered fairly often. In comparison to her, Drakken is more of a playground bully, as his plans had revolved around lashing out specifically at those he feels have wronged him, rather than actually trying to take over the world. Miss Go won overnight popularity at school with her cheerful "girly" attitude, becoming close friends with Kim Possible and also catching the romantic interest of Steve Barkin. This article is about Shego, the original continuity character.

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kim possible x shego

Nevertheless, despite her dominant role and critical attitude towards him, Shego remained somewhat subordinate to Drakken as she would follow most his orders and helped him with his plans even the ones that were ridiculous with the exception of his idea to clone her.

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However , it was later implied by Shego herself that the reason she left the team was simply that she could not stand working with her brothers anymore, or at least Hego and Mego. Shego was a mercenary for hire, most often shown to be in the employment of Dr. During the two times when she was dropped into water tanks with dangerous animals, she did not use her powers to fight or escape them.

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