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They are the intrastate rivals of the Pittsburgh Steelers, founded by her maternal great-grandfather in , and the chief rivals of the New York Giants, founded by her paternal great-grandfather in and, gloriously, the losers of both games against the Eagles last season. She lies slack on the couch, legs uncrossed. The Eagles are the rivals of her, well, genealogy, which comprises two cornerstones of the National Football League. I'm here doing a little Fantastic Four press. The birds: chirping without concern. She got them about twelve years ago.

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Tomorrow she will fly to Belfast to shoot a film for two months.

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Giselle. Age: 32.
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Kate Mara on Life, Death, and Her Devotion to the Giants

She seems in a bit of a rush, checking out in between shaking my hand and leading us here. She can decide how she spends her time. There's Bruno, and there's Lucius, who is a rescue, like Betty, who was four years younger than both of them.

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