Belasco comics

belasco comics
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Flavius , where their summoning ritual could take place. However, just as he was almost finished, Shanna's mate Ka-Zar appeared and hurled the locket into the volcano, sealing away the Elder Gods and apparently destroying Belasco. However, he instead was trapped in Limbo , where he spent his years conquering it. When the Punisher killed Jigsaw, the Rev used his Belasco-granted powers to resurrect the thug, although both were defeated despite Smith's gift of demonic magic. However, upon reaching the age of fourteen, she rebelled against him, driving him from Limbo. Sign In Don't have an account? Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page.

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Allegedly, [ citation needed ] Belasco was a sorcerer in 13th Century Italy [3] who used his knowledge of alchemy and the black arts to contact the " Elder Gods " actually extradimensional demonic entities known as the Mabdhara , masters of the N'Garai.

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Skyla. Age: 23.
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Belasco (Earth-616)

He was also given a demonic appearance, as he was intended to form a new race of Earth-dwelling demons. He shaped part of her soul into a Bloodstone, giving her great potential for power and allowing him to control her. A contributor to our project has added information directly copied from another location, possibly without permission.

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