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I breastfed at restaurants, on park benches, on the couch in front of company, and wherever and whenever else my baby needed to nurse. Thing is, making enough milk has been a struggle for my body from the beginning, something I alluded to previously. I am not, nor have I ever been, short on words. Wearing normal bras, keeping my shirt on all day, and sporting non-wrap dresses is making me downright giddy. I feel similarly while writing this. When we were apart I pumped every three hours, day and night, from studio green rooms to public bathrooms, from my seat on trains, to my seat on planes ask me about pumping in the abandoned kitchen in Cleveland. When I think of this, and of all the efforts I made on this year-long nursing and pumping adventure, the sacrificed sleep, committed time, and disregard for my own vanity, not to mention the ten 10!

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Daniela. Age: 32.
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We as a culture need to normalizebreastfeeding , and one step towards that goal, is to have honest conversations about overcoming the barriers to success.

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Wendy. Age: 20.
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I didn't make the connection that she was the sister of Hillary and the girl from Napoleon Dynamite until in the cab back to the office but no matter. I feel similarly while writing this. I am not, nor have I ever been, short on words. I am not necessarily sad, or necessarily happy, just feeling precarious as my body experiences yet another major postpartum hormone shift.

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