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Before Chuck flees, he gives Nancy the keys to his townhouse. After the SEC saves Nancy from returning to prison, she must commit to being their informant. Andy resents that Nancy is trying to use his bike shop as a cover business. She agrees to wear a wire while on a date with Chuck, but he declares, "No. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Nancy takes the shipment from the apartment concealed in a giant stuffed gorilla wearing an Army T-shirt. After some coaxing by the sisters, Demetri's military buddies return all but one ounce, which they'd smoked.

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Silas warns Shane that, "She's just going to fuck you up again.

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Zoya, fearing new criminal charges, flees to Vermont to realize her dream of starting a pet boarding facility. When Silas tells Emma that he was not involved in the drug bust, she believes him, reforms their partnership, and agrees to let him move in with her. Even after their initial hostility, Heylia ultimately agrees to provide Nancy with a shipment of MILF weed in New York, in exchange for Silas's labor in harvesting the current crop, and Silas agrees.

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