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It seems that Annie does not like her plain appearance. She then tries to trick Bubbles out of the store disguised as Buttercup but fails as Bubbles figures it couldn't be Buttercup as she dislike cologne or in that fact, dislikes girly stuff. As the lady goes to get more samples, Annie transforms into Sedusa, who goes on a stealing spree, targeting clothes, makeup, and jewelry. As Annie, she has dark eyes and blond hair, which she wears in a pair of braided pigtails. She wears glasses, a blue samue with red trimming, a blue bandana with a pink sakura pattern on her head, and blue shoes. In her debut, " Sedusa ", she was first seen making coffee and trying to impress her crush, Jason , but accidentally spills it on him. As Annie cleans up, Jason appears in the shop.

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Kailey. Age: 24.
sedusa powerpuff

Suddenly, they find Bubbles tied up and they go look for Sedusa.

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Arden. Age: 20.
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Bellum for helping her, who appears confused of what she's talking about but doesn't question her. Sign In Don't have an account? The next day, she once again tries to impress Jason as she goes in a makeup store. However; it is quickly revealed to be Sedusa in a form of Bubbles.

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