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This is just great to read for the beautiful art style and the use of color in certain panels. The moments between Conor and Simon are so intimate and loving, It made my cold, cold heart melt just a little bit. Also, please bear with me while I try to get a grasp on this character again. Thank you for the lovely night. You both just laugh and for a moment you forget about your problems with Shawn, you forget what Shawn just said earlier. Beetlejuice got the idea quick.

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Now the games on the other hand… Beetlejuice had a natural talent for those games.

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Sierra. Age: 29.
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Anyways , thanks for coming to my ted talk, please read these and enjoy them as much as I did! BJ being given his first birthday party probably the next up and coming Friday the 13th. You grabbed your Cthulu for extra comfort, cuddling with him on the stuffed lovecraftian god.

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