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I'm not a lube expert but we've now been using Wet Platinum Premium Silicone and it's perfect for the occasion. Woman E: Over time, you know what to expect and how to enjoy it. I would say usually as soon as you are comfortable really talking about sex. I read that putting in a plug during foreplay helps a lot, but I've never used one. Woman D: I usually only do it when drunk and if trying to impress the lucky dude I'm with. I think on my knees is a great way for the receiver to control the speed, as long as their partner isn't someone who is going to grab and force it in. Woman D: Nope, but then again, I've never had one from vaginal penetration alone.

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Naomi. Age: 30.
first time wife anal sex

I've had it done before and it feels about the same as the other areas covered in a Brazilian.

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Jasmine. Age: 29.
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Woman A: It honestly does hurt, be prepared, and use lots of lube if you want an easier time. But I know girls who do it when they first hook up with a guy. While this might be true for some women, assuming it goes for all women is completely unfair. Kinda feels like a penis going in your anus.

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