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Not to be judgemental but shouldn't you get some kind of help if you get turned on by a butcher knife anywhere near your genitals? I dare to suggest that her successors have they own heads so if they are not okay with their scenes they are free to stop the scene. I'm not saying that there aren't porn videos with real cases of abuse, and from what little I've read of Nacho he's no angel, but given how you even seem to be unaware of non-verbal safe-words or would expect such a scene to have the actress saying something like "I'm ok, I didn't say my safeword! I linked to just a couple of your recent posts as an example, one where John Stagliano felt the need to defend himself by pointing out that what you see in his movies isn't real, that porn is acted it's ridiculous that this needs to be said on a porn discussion board. But like KillBill said, it is desirable that law be based in formal logic, but it doesn't have to be. Posted - Jun 17 : AM I have to wonder if any of the people in this thread who are troubled by this scene have ever seen Irreversible. It would be even more boring than it is already, if that's possible.

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Elisa. Age: 30.
nacho kara price

Their sexuality is evolving and this is just one example.

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Tiffany. Age: 31.
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Kara Price is destroyed by Nacho Vidal

I meant whether American obscenity laws would apply to this scene, assuming it was only distributed by a website in Spain. I do like rough porn so what? This can be a verbal "Uh-Uh" or a non-verbal signal such as a hand signal.

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