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White hipster girls who post crop pics of themselves showing their tanned midriff posing highwaist short shorts, fringed shirts, and heels if the picture doesnt stop at their upper thighs. She takes a picture with her Canon camera with her tongue out, finds a random quote about life on Google, then goes on Instagram or Tumblr, posts that picture, writes the quote in the caption So her followers or viewers don't think that she's dumb, and BOOM! You can spot her from a distance. She also writes in all lowercase letters. For some reason, dumbasses think everyone wants be a tumblr girl when in reality nobody but hipster blogs gives two shits about them. Posting it onto whatever social website they want, and sharing it plenty of times. A girl who wears crop tops and "high-waisted" shorts.

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Sariyah. Age: 30.
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A 'Tumblr girl' is a person who wants to build their ego by taking pictures of themselves in which in modern day "mainstream" fashion.

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Azaria. Age: 30.
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Tumblr Girls

Oh, and she loves Starbucks. She keeps on going until she has K Followers or something and then gives her account away. A white girl, clothed in fringe, dip dyed hair, shorts, and whatever else is popular at the time. Although you may not see it, she is finding some quote that doesn't make sense but seems hipster so she's putting it there anyways.

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