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Berlin in particular has had experience of this, and one of the Prussian legacies is the relevant paragraph in the Imperial legal code, In those countries which have done away with the relevant criminal regulations, there is no desire whatsoever for their reinstatement. Krafft-Ebing, whose book is a plea for the repeal of the relevant paragraph of the Austrian Penal Law, wants a predominantly pathological view accepted, and that goes for nearly all psychiatrists. On the whole there is certainly taking place in those countries with an advanced culture an ever more powerful equalisation of social appearances. Although the theme of sexual behaviour may not be of paramount significance for the economic and political struggle of social-democracy, the search for an objective means of assessing this side of social life as well is not irrelevant. But this itself leads to error. To this extent even people are tied to the law of nature. The conventional expression is as illogical, in this case, as the conventional verdict itself.

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In any case, at least this much can be said; that on no account is male love always a sign of a corrupt disposition, dissolution, bestial pleasure-seeking and the like.

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As far as the present subject is concerned, the concept of normality contains as much of the concept of what is natural or correct as is required for its pertinent examination, whilst being more flexible. Those considerations preventing invasion of the mysteries of married life do not prevail here. But this itself leads to error. Everything is allowed to be done with the body of the prostitute, except for the infliction of crude bodily injury.

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