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Then write the tidying part, save it. I gave a talk on this very subject, which I condensed into this overview. If you save some sessions the full workspace long time ago, and then you load them into a current one, it may overwrite the current functions with the old versions. If I feel like the tasks are distinct enough that I would understand the flow better by isolating them in different files, I do that. You should give it a try if you think it suits your use-case. If I feel like isolating them will cause me to be toggling back and forth between multiple files, I keep them together.

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I find it pretty useful to organize some not-so-small projects.

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RData for saving parts of it. This is a perennial problem of mine so I thought I'd chip in, over a year later. With the dependency graph, you won't have to rerun everything that did not changed.

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