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Rakuen Growlithe : Prominent British, anti-Brexit lawyer under fire for beating a fox to death with a baseball bat while wearing his wife's kimono. GreenReaper : NME can't resist impugning fur con hook-ups while mulling over the massive loss Cats represents for Universal. You could let us know — but why not just write it up yourself and get credit for it? GreenReaper : Got a view on flying in the USA with cats, ferrets, squirrels, sugar gliders or emotional support animals in general? They have "brought on additional [coding] staff to rewrite and modernize" FA.

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I really hope we're able to get them up and running.

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To submit your nominations in any of thirteen categories, everyone must first go to the nominations page to enroll for a key. Heck, there isn't even a lot of anecdotal evidence that drugs were involved any more than usual, if at all. I still prefer the non-edible Dragon croissant sculptures. Here you can reward those furries with an annual award designed to promote individuals in our community that have improved lives for others.

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